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  1. I made a league for anyone interested in some friendly competition. I used this season for testing the system but will try to have a framework and rules in place starting next week 15/03/21, this gives us time to learn how the league works and what we want such as time the event runs, the number of stages per event and the cars we drive. My initial thoughts for the first event are it should run for a week and have between 8 and 16 stages, we should be limited to the lowest class of cars, the 1960's. I think we should not allow restarts or resets but we can all practice the stages as much
  2. I have GTFO just looking for a team to play with, done a couple of solo trial runs and like it so far. If anyone wants to arrange a game i would be interested.
  3. I'm David, nearly fiddy, from the UK, Lancs. I'm really new to CSGO, looking for friends to learn with and have fun. I don't have a rank, only played casual matches and i have not really played any maps except the holy trinity of Dust, Mirage and Inferno, because it seems those are the only maps casual players like. I've been gaming for a long time and i'm playing OSRS and EVE online as well as CS at the moment. I just got back into gaming after a long break and watching ESL on YouTube got me into CS. My in game name is finxtwo, friend requests are welcome. Good luck, have fun

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