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    Looking to make a return to CS after not really playing much since CSS. Just looking for a mature(ish) group to play with who understand there are other things going on in life and don't all think they're the next S1mple!

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  1. Thanks for sharing, I was thinking about this the other day. I use x c v b for the different grenades mouse wheel up and down are both +jump
  2. DPI - 400 In game sense - 2.7 Windows sense - 6 Hz - 500 Raw input - 1 Resolution - changes periodically I find it helps me Ratio - 16:9 Black bars - no Hz - 144
  3. The pictures don't do her justice ? she's an absolute little stunner! Doing really well with the cats, and the cats have really surprised us with how relaxed they are around her. They're not too keen on her excited "I want to go walkies" howling at 6:30 every morning though ?
  4. @Redneck I've done a bit of downhill but nothing serious. You need to drop a LOT of money on a bike to play on the big boy downhill courses. I chose to buy a house instead ??? It is really good fun though. You've got to have balls of steel for it though
  5. I volunteer with a Sled dog rescue. We should be picking this little girl up as a Foster on Sunday ? We also have 2 black cats but all my photos are too big. I'll shrink some down later.
  6. Thanks everyone ? seems a really nice community you've got going! @GAMBIT I've got an old school Scott Nitrous 26er that I built up as an enduro bike. The frames about 10 years old now but I've just treated her to a new fork and front hub. I've got my eye on an Orange P7 too, once things back to normality! What're you riding? Maybe we need a MTB thread ?
  7. I promise not to sow any, but I would like to join it!
  8. I play a bit, mostly to stop myself subbing to WoW ? username is Fleelf send me an add ?
  9. Hi Folks, I'm George, I'm 28, grew up in London but just bought a house near Stoke-on-trent... Guess I'm stuck here now!... I work as a Mobile software developer in Manchester which gets pretty intense. Been playing CS on and off since the 1.6 days. Played to a pretty decent league standard in Source. Just looking to get back into CS:GO and have good fun while doing it! In the real world I'm into mountain biking and starting to get into a bit of Cani-cross. Although I'm currently short of a dog for that one... Look forward to playing with you all!

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