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  1. Damn, I can't believe you like the GT-R. I love the Bentley and the Ferrari, as well as the 911 obviously. Look out for a friend request on Discord, btw.
  2. Hello and welcome, Johan! Elementary school teacher? That's a hard job, credit to you. Do you have any hobbies outside of gaming?
  3. Hello and welcome, Nils! What's your favourite car to drive in Assetto Corsa? Do you use a wheel or controller?
  4. A professional adventure traveller?! That is a hell of a job!
  5. Thanks for the introduction You used to be a horologist? Jesus, that was one of the jobs I really wanted to do as a kid. What did you work on? What's your favourite watch(es)?
  6. Hey Paul, welcome to CS:40! We like to know our members a little bit better than that, here is a good example of an introduction post. What about your hobbies outside of video games? Or what you do for a living/how you spend your days?
  7. Hi Naren, welcome to CS:40! Applied Mechanics sounds fascinating as hell, but it's a bit beyond my comprehension skills lmao.
  8. Hello Gert, and welcome to CS:40! What do you do for a living, if you don't mind me asking? Do you have any other hobbies outside of CSGO?
  9. Hello Marcel, welcome to CS:40! I love the nickname, that is a fantastic pun. Climbing and golf are both things I would love to do, except I am terrified of heights (nearly cried the first time I went climbing and had to descend with the harness!) and golf is just too hard to pick up right now. Don't worry about your ranks, if you're Silver 2 on solo queue, you'll probably be a few ranks higher if you play with CS:40 on a regular basis, simply because you enjoy the game that much more.
  10. Hi there, welcome to CS:40! Before we add anyone to the server, we ask that you introduce yourselves so that you can feel a part of the community, which is very important to us. Here is an example of what we would consider to be a good introduction.
  11. Hi Jacob! Welcome to CS:40, and thanks for the introduction! Your career progression is crazy, but it sounds like a lot of fun. Yeah, this place is heaven compared to solo queue, once you start playing here you'll never want to solo queue again. Is there much surfing in Germany/Europe? I've never thought about that tbh.
  12. Cheers bud. I've just added you on Discord, I'll get the ball rolling from there!
  13. What cars you got, mate? Welcome to your new favourite place btw, feel free to share photos of your cars and/or anything wheels and an engine!
  14. Hi Adrian, welcome to CS:40! Can you give us a bit more detail to go with your introduction? Here is a good guide for what we're looking for.

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