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  1. Hello there. I am finally ready to have some casual fun on server if there is any chance for that. For persons who don't know me... I am Sasha, 33 years old male from Croatia, happily married with most supportive husband you could only wish for. I was a member here before i suddenly quit this group. I had bad goals in my life so i needed to quit everything super fast. Since i am still not playing games... i would still love to have contact with all of you. So... ill wait for your invite.
  2. Hello Jani Welcome to CSforty. I am sending you a friend request on Discord.
  3. Hello there. Nice to see you here Sending you friend request on Discord
  4. Hey bro Nice to see you here. Can you please update your post? We would love to know more about you. Here are few examples:
  5. Still nice rank bro I am playing this game for 2 years, and i stuck at gn3 max . Sending you friend request on Discord
  6. Super nice introduction Thumbs up for that Let me invite you on Discord
  7. Sending you friend request on Discord
  8. Hello bro Nice to see you here. Please update your post according to our rules
  9. Beautiful intro, that's all I can say bro Sending you friend request on Discord I think you will be beautiful addition for our group. We are always in need for open guys like you.
  10. Hello Rich Nice to have you here. Adding you now on discord...
  11. Welcome bro Nice to have you here Friend request coming your way

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