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    I joined before forums started and tbh, this place has been the absolute best gaming experience I've been a part of. I hope that it continues to grow!

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  1. Give me your 341. *inside Air Force reference*
  2. ugh @Hmoustachegot me listening to this lad. the beat slaps and the lyrics are humorous
  3. 323 is the same backwards
  4. It's my favorite map but rarely gets played.
  5. Woohoo more pol joining 306

    GOTV for 5v5

    Ayyy we need this!!! Good find! Hopefully it can be in the near future, we have a bunch of tech savvy folks in here
  7. sharing this ‘LOVE’ with CS40 FAM. Hope ya’ll doing well!
  8. Ok I opened the file, now what?
  9. What program can I use to unlock this besides WinZip and WinRar?

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