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  1. Hey Shalto! It was great playing with you the other day, and I'm glad you decided to expand our NA ranks. If RA doesn't claim you as one of his invites, I'll happily vouch for you Looking forward to another game with you soon.
  2. 364... I guess we just keep moving then...
  3. Welcome Michał! Hope you enjoy the community here at CS40... I highly recommend the retakes and 5v5 servers
  4. Welcome Tijn! Enter the #lounge at your own risk, take it from another noob who didn't listen to the warning...
  5. 343... respect to all those who serve in uniform (9/11 Reference)...
  6. I single q'd into a MM game the other day. I'm still completing my placement games so comp is very new to me, as are most of the unwritten rules surrounding it! I got matched with two obvious hackers (they were advertising their site in their names), who then spent the match slaughtering the other team. The other team quit after 10 rounds, and I'd barely seen any of them for the duration. Under those circumstances, when you can't kick the hackers, do you quit the game (and get the inevitable cooldown) or do you just let it happen and report them?
  7. Thanks Ithaca, Operations Lead/Production Lead... as much as I like to dabble in IT (I am particularly proud of the cable management on my home computer!) I have a truly gifted team of IT professionals who run that side of our business. I appreciate the invite!
  8. G'Day All, I'm Craig, and as the title suggests, I am an Australian currently living and working in NY, USA. I'm 43, married with 3 kids and working as the OPS lead for an aerospace parts manufacturer. I only recently discovered CS:GO after years of playing everything from TF2 & COD to Age of Empires and Assassins Creed. I love the gameplay, but having put 200 hours into Casual, DM and whatnot, making the jump to competative was proving something of a challenge. Most of my placement matches have been with GN and above, so it makes it difficult to contribute anything to the ga

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