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  1. Wow. Didn't know hours were that long. Feet must kill you at the end of a day, then? I've sent you an invite via Discord. Incoming from Ithaca#2249.
  2. Hi Shane! Nice to meet you. What do you do besides work and play CS:GO? We like to get to know people here. It's more about people than simply playing the game and ranking for us ;)
  3. Taking a nap is definitely a treasured pastime! I'll get you settled into the Discord soon. Invite incoming from Ithaca#2249.
  4. Hi Alex! Welcome to the crew. What do you do for work and when not gaming?
  5. Hi Sukhy, Sorry that no-one got to you before this We're undergoing a bit of a change in management, so all staff/admins have been rather preoccupied with that. Good to meet you! As a fellow classic nerd I can say that you'll find more of us in here. I've added to you Discord, so I'll send you an invite to the server from there. Incoming request from Ithaca#2249.
  6. Family man! Alright, I'll look you up on Discord. Incoming request from Ithaca#2249.
  7. Ape buddy cop approves. Welcome, Liam I'll get you settled soon.
  8. Hi Alex! Nice to have you, bud. If you don't mind me asking, what do you besides gaming? We try to make this a social community apart from the game, so we like knowing a little more about our people
  9. Locked. Guy was 18 years old, and have retracted his application after seeing the rules.
  10. I've got you covered, mate. Welcome. You've been added by Ithaca#2249
  11. Since Steve is experiencing his usual technical issues (PEBKAC), I've added you, mate. Ithaca#2249.
  12. Hi Jack, I am awfully sorry that we haven't seen this post. It's been eight days - so, again, sorry about that! Simply fell in between chairs. I hope you're still interested in joining up I have added you on Discord so we can get you settled in. Ithaca#2249.
  13. Hi Tom, Welcome! We are kind of chill. Except for this one guy who takes losses really badly and blames his teammates. But enough about me! Do you have other hobbies or are into other games? I'll add you on Discord. - Jacob.
  14. Congratulations on that Our rules are rules, though, and they are there for a reason. We believe that with age comes a certain amount of maturity that we expect of our members, and history has taught us not to make exceptions. You are very welcome to ping us once you qualify

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