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  1. Congratulations on that Our rules are rules, though, and they are there for a reason. We believe that with age comes a certain amount of maturity that we expect of our members, and history has taught us not to make exceptions. You are very welcome to ping us once you qualify
  2. Hi bud, Alright You have read that we have a 21+ age limit, right?
  3. Hello grumpy Scott! I am Jacob. Inside of me lives a 71-year-old who is a litte tired and sick of everything that I've named Herbert. Herbert can relate. Scott is a very non-Danish name - what's up with that if you don't mind me asking? I've added you on Discord. Vi tales ved der. //Ithaca#2249
  4. Hi Daniel, Welcome. What else can you tell us about yourself? What do you do for work, and do you have other hobbies or play other games? We try to know our members as people here, so a few details helps us socialise in the long run.
  5. Tournament Paintball? Are you on a team? I can't add you on Discord due to your privacy settings, so you're welcome to add me so we can get you settled. Ithaca#2249.
  6. I haven't played it yet. I am a little scared off by the feedback and unfulfilled hype I've seen post launch. I need a quick and dirty review: Fun or not?
  7. Hi Alex, Welcome to the community. I'm sorry that replying to this has taken so long. Easter got in the way, I think. What do you do besides gaming?
  8. That is a beautiful guitar, mate. WRB pickups or regular humbuckers, do you think? 349.
  9. Hi Dave, Welcome to the crew! We are definitely active A lot has happened since 0.9b and 1.6., but I'm sure you've already found that out! We look forward to gaming with you. I'll get you added to our Discord server. Invite incoming from Ithaca#2249. It's an Easter holiday today, so if I don't reply straight away it's simply because I'm out of the house for a bit.
  10. Hi Erik! Welcome! We've got a few other games going so far, but it's mostly CS:GO, Rainbow 6: Siege and Among Us right now. I myself play some Starcraft occasionally It'll probably expand with time I've added you on Discord. You should see an invite from Ithaca#2249.
  11. Hi Ben! Ah, the GOTY Half Life. I remember. It was a happier time. Careful about Rocket League. There are a few fans here I'll look you up on Discord. Incoming invite from Ithaca#2249.
  12. Very nice! Yes, definitely. You'll receive an invite from Ithaca#2249.
  13. Hi Nick, Welcome! I'd print Sex-Pope on a T-shirt any day. But then again, I am protestant, so it's nowhere near offensive to me What do you do besides CS and gaming stuff?
  14. Welcome, @Bean-Bag, to a world where we as adults do the screaming instead

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