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  1. Hi mate, i do a bit of it all! Ive been in Musical Theatre (Danny in Grease and Fagin in Oliver!) and then ive done some film acting ( "Behind The Lines : Escape to Dunkirk")! I was always so bad at physics haha, you must be very clever!
  2. Hey mate! My Degree is Film and Television Production, i graduated 2 years ago just a year before all of this covid situation happened thank god! You study also?
  3. Hey! My name is James! Besides Gaming i now work as an office junior at a law firm, apart from that its always gaming, golf and professional acting! My degree is in Film and Television Production How you doing buddy hows life treating you?!
  4. Discord is LoKust#4770 Thanks!
  5. Hello I am LoKust! I live in the UK and have recently come out of university! I played CS:GO, Rainbow Six and League Of Legends for the Hertfordshire University Gaming Teams and am looking forward to getting to know you all. I have been looking for a society that is just a chilled fun society and here it is, its perfect! Anyone ever feel like playing throw me a message! I have played CS for around 5 years!

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