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  1. Hey Man , new member myself but welcome to the group With "low" hours like that its good to learn key nades but also its important to learn the core skills ( counter strafe cross hair placement etc), knowledge of maps etc comes with time or so they say , rank dont mean nothing might be "mg2" but identify as a solid silver 2 Voocsgo , warowl old stuff etc all good sources on the u toobs but more important than all that enjoy your stay !!!
  2. Hey Guys/Gals, my name is curtis ( Just call me curt) im 27 and im from the northwest of the UK, I first started playing CS with CSGO back in 2015, however i fell out of love with the game and took a hiatus back when the R8 was introduced and CS became a wild west simulator . i have just started to get back into the game and tried dragging my mates with me (Kicking and screaming) back into the world of MM, however due to real life issues its rare we get our little group online at the same time. Hence why im here writing this , im looking to join mainly to make friends and not have

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