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  1. Hi! Well it's more commonly called trail running! Yes it's really not the same as running, it's more difficult in terms of cardio or pace. But there are a lot of races in Switzerland and the landscapes are juste awesome! Thanks for the welcome
  2. Hello cs40 community! I'm will and I come from Switzerland (french part) . I'm 28yo and play cs since 3 years . I also used to play wow when I was young and also AOE II. Novadays when I have time to play I'm focus on CS and a bit of BFv but also trying some new games like cyberpunk2077. A friend of mine suggested that I join your awesome community so that I can play counter strike with mature people who are able to communicate during the game. He told me a lot of good thing about this community. I'm looking forward to play with you and also to help the community grow in a good way. I'm w

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