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  1. Xys

    Song of the day

    Some music for a good start in the week
  2. Both phenomenal good looking. Thank you.
  3. It is worth it if the GPU Fans are loud now and or the GPU does not have the max boost tact anymore. The Paste will be dry now. I changed the paste on 2 GPUs and it is not complicated. The important part is, that you do apply the thermal paste differently on an GPU as on an CPU. On an CPU you apply the thermal paste on the headspreader so you do not need to have thermal paste on the whole CPU block. On the GPU you apply the thermal paste directly to the chip. So therefor it MUST be completely covered with thermal paste! Other than that, you need to take care that the thermal pads
  4. When you think: Enough is enough!
  5. Xys

    Song of the day

    It's monday. A fantastic time to start in the week
  6. Xys

    Song of the day

    The sun is up let‘s rise the beat!
  7. Nice to have you here. Enjoy your time
  8. Xys

    Your Settings

    eDPI: 1200 DPI: 1600 Ingame Sensitivity: 0.75 Raw Input: 1 Mouse HZ: 1000hz Resolution: 2560x1440 Ratio 16:9 Black Bars: No Hz: 144hz
  9. Very good work. It looks really good. You are really talented.

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