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  1. wasn't a easy choice (cointoss between 2 people akchually ) Supremo Ben it is!
  2. Hallelluja loved the sound through all the video. What camera are you using to film?
  3. @ryu Hope it helped you. Very important point u made there. I did not cover it since i see it more at a medium-advance level and in this Guide i just covered the basics to help our bois/girls outta silver/GN area. On a site there are specific spots where the CTs can hide if not,they would be open to angles/vulnerable to specific angles,with time you will learn those spots and you will manage to prefire specific angles. Of course prefiring has to be made in a certain scenario which will give u an advantage even a kill or maybe you will draw attention while shooting with a weapon. Everythi
  4. Much appreciated Redneck, hope this helps the community.
  5. Hi guys, i have prepared a guide for CSGO aimed at our community (silver/nova rank) to help them climb to MG and above. (This video is not mandatory to watch) Its a long video but from what i have checked you can speed it up to save some time. I'd highly suggest to take notes and specific moments that will help you remind yourself of specific things you can improve or will improve on yourself(techniques etc etc). This guide is especially targeted for people to want to rank up I have mentioned this also in the video if you want to play just for fun in open lobbies the guide and tips
  6. hi @Redneck , the pleasure is mine. Puglia is a nice place,evolved around food and nice beaches. Highly recommend visiting it,especially in the summer since the weather right now is a mess. How are you holding up there,as im concerced the north has been having weather problems/Winterstorms and floods. Cheers Caesar
  7. Hi all together, My name is Caesar, i am native Albanian living in south Italy,puglia region (bella Italia). I am 30 years old,been gaming my entire life could say,i like competitive games like CSGO. Played CSGO around 1.6K hours and i have been in a team before as a main support. I do play also other games but mainly story focused games since i find them more interesting then movies nowadays. I am a petrolhead,drove a stanced BMW E92 for a while till lately i have put it up for sale,im also a sleight of hand arist a.k.a magician (coin and cards mainly).i play chess fro

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