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    Playing CS since version 1.6. Still a casual gamer because of I got not that much time, but still don't want to waste this limited time with those little, aggressive, russian, random kids. So I am searchin for a nice community to play with from time.

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  1. Give it to jkirem. He was the one inviting me to CS:40... 🙂
  2. Thanks. I hope so, I mean thats the reason I'm here Looking forward to see you guys online soon.
  3. Thank you Marty for the warm welcome. I just confirmed your discord request. Also thanks for that. Hope to see you guys soon in game
  4. Hi guys, I guess I am one of the "new ones". So hi to veryone. My name is Marcel, 34 years old from germany. More like the casual CS-gamer since the days of 1.6. I'm not to deep into that competitive feeling, that's why I'm S2 and ok with it Also passionate xbox-gamer for the layback moments on my couch. When not gaming I try to be good husband to my lovely wife or start a challenge in the climbing gym or on the golf course. Well, I joined to find some guys to play with 'cause I'm just to old to play with those random 12-year-old russian kids (no hate, just my personal truth).

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