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    I love the idea of this group. I just turned 30 and haven't been on as much but CS holds a dear place in my life. I haven't found a group of people that I mesh well with without the angst/harassment. I miss the good old days of learning with a clan.

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  1. Thank you Moira! I accepted your friend request!
  2. Currently I'm in clinical research. The rest is TBD.
  3. Hello, my name is Abby, I recently turned 30! (ahh!) - I've played counter-strike off and on since 1.6 but have struggled to find a group I enjoy playing with without the harassment. I miss being a clan, running around the maps and learning tips and tricks as a team and community. I haven't been playing as much recently due to solo queueing and etc, but a friend came across this group and thought I should give it a try. I love the idea behind this collaborative community and hope to play with you all in the near future! An interesting fact about me: I used to sing in a professional opera

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