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    I'm looking for some chill people around my age to play with. I have a couple of friends from back home that are interested also

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  1. Farscape and Star Trek TNG (specifically Kingon heavy episodes are cool along with Darmok)
  2. @Purp God but he isn't very active these days
  3. Got me some gloves and an awp and a player skin from unboxing!
  4. until

  5. Lamb Of God is awesome. you can see me here standing out in front of the crowd with the black shirt and the boots a lifetime ago at 1:17
  6. Don't know how active the mods are on here, but i'd love to get going with yas
  7. Going for a full asiimov loadout. white and orange/red. Just got the M4 skin but it's not yet in my inventory (bitskins). Still need the awp. Picked up the knife in an unboxing for my birthday
  8. Jump into a casual game or two, delta or sigma, then off to comp
  9. Either Knife to the back or ... Panic and hit my scroll wheel when im trying to reload/ die while trying to get to my pistol.
  10. I just got a Steel Series Apex 3 keyboard and i have an old 2nd hand mouse which is meh.. It's a Rosewill Reflex. bought it at a 2nd hand store for 5 bucks and I'm looking to upgrade so I'm wondering what you all use and how you like it? (SPECIFICALLY for CS:GO) __________ Keyboard: Steel Series Apex 3 Price: $50 amazon Software score 4.5/5 Playstyle: WASD The quality to price is amazing. The key feedback is quiet but quick. Also, I bought this because i spilled vodka on my old keyboard and it stopped working. This one is Water resistant for a reason! software is nice but

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