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    Looking for mature cs:go players to play MM with. I've been playing cs on and off since 1.6. I've been playing a lot more over the last year. Still not very good, but looking for people to play with in a more relaxed atmosphere.

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  1. Hi. is there anything more I need to do before I can be granted access to the discord?. Looking forward to having a game with you all. Cheers, Dave
  2. I occasionally play Everquest on the Project 1999 server, and I have up until recently been playing Ultima Online on one of the free servers. Never really got into any of the more recent MMOs
  3. Dave3

    Favorite Movie?

    My top three are: Saving Private Ryan - Mainly due to the epic beach landing scenes, but the film as a whole is good. Braveheart - Historically inaccurate maybe, but a good film Gladiator - Gladiatorial combat. What's not to like?
  4. Alyx is really a great experience. One of the most polished VR games I've played - would definitely recommend. Blade & Sorcery is also a fun one, however you need a lot of space as you WILL destroy anything in the vicinity. If you like CS, I would also recommend Pavlov VR. It's pretty much counterstrike but in VR.
  5. Dave3

    Are you warm yet ?

    I usually do a few casual / deathmatch games, then off into some Wingman or comp. I don't do any sort of aim training or such. (Perhaps I should - then I might make it higher than GN1 )
  6. Thanks for the welcome! Yeah, I've recently started to get back into game development as a hobby. I worked on a few small games back in university about 10 years ago but haven't really done any game dev since then. I've just started working on a small rogue-like game in my spare time. I've also recently started brewing my own beer. That's quite fun (especially drinking it). Other games i'm playing at the moment include Dominions 5 and Among Us. How about yourself?
  7. Could I have access to the discord please?
  8. Hi everyone. I am a 36 year old male, married with a couple of kids from North-West England. A software developer by trade, looking to spend the little free time I have playing cs:go with a more mature group of players. Solo queuing with randoms can be a bit rough! Been playing on and off since 1.6 (more off than on to be fair). I've got back into cs:go over this past year. Not very good at it, but enjoy playing when I have a fun team.

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