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    I'm looking for people to talk to and play with that won't flame and complain every time we don't win a round.

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  1. I used the g502 wired for several years myself. Besides being able to use it as a weapon in a fight due to the shape of it I thought it was an awesome mouse. So when I went for an upgrade recently I was leaning towards the wireless version of it, however I ended up going with the SS Aerox 3 wireless. The mouse is so light I honestly fear I am going to break it. That being said I have really enjoyed the new mouse and I would personally recommend it myself. #notanad
  2. I work for a small honey company in the sales department, in the northern dallas/ft.worth area. I play a lot of games, but I am a dad of two and a lot of my time is taken up taking care of them with my wife. I still play pokemon go with my wife and my eldest kid lol. We totally need to bring back NA CS!
  3. Hello, I am looking to join discord so I can easily communicate with other friendly people that are interested in chatting and playing with a like minded individual =D.
  4. So about me... I am a 30yo dad living in Texas. I have 2 kids and an amazing wife. I used to play CS:GO a lot several years back but took a long break due to life. I have really wanted to play again but all my friends have moved on and I have no one still around interested. I'm a friendly guy looking to fill his play time with others to talk to. Not much else to say, any questions feel free to ask!

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