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  1. Hello there, i'm RiZe, a CSGO player and a graphic designer! I used to draw before and it was my hobby, then took that passion into the computer and started graphic designing.. I've been making different banners, logos and profile pictures (ex are some pics below) .. If you're interested in having a cool custom logo comment below.. Thank you so much guys! and special thanks to Moira
  2. I'm working and studying for now but mainly studying cuz its my last year in college and woop to working i guess
  3. Yo, My name is RiZe and I'm 21 years old but I feel like I'm 78 lol. A male from Algeria looking to join a chill community to play with and having fun on the way, But more importantly a mature one, and that's what caught my attention. If I'm mentioning an interesting fact is that I'm a gamer who writes poetry xD ( I love poetry). I play CSGO, Counter Strike Global Offensive and Valve's FPS game xD. Ooooooh also I like one tapping.
  4. Hello! My name is RiZe I'm 21, been playing CS for 2 years I guess and wanting to play with chill people. FaZe up all the way baby

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