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  1. Hi Private, Nice to meet you, cool I have added you to discord and we can have a chat on there. Regards, Aidan
  2. Hi Sovalita, Nice to meet you, sent you a friend request on discord and we can talk more on there. Regards, Aidan
  3. Spoken to Rach, on discord and added her to the community
  4. Hi Buddy, Nice to meet you, you play hocket thats cool, i will most definitely have some queetions for you on that. Added you to discord, so we can talk further on there. Regards, Aidan
  5. Hi Rosie, Nice to meet you, sounds like you have come across the right group for what you are after. I have added you to Discord, so we can have a chat and get you added to the discord. Thanks, Aidan
  6. Hi Mert, Nice to meet you and glad you found our Reddit post, I have sent a friend request on Discord, so we can have a chat. Thanks, Aidan
  7. Hi Rich, nice to meet you, certainly sound like a seasoned verteran at CS . Added you to discord, we can have a chat and look to get you on the discord. Thanks, Aidan
  8. I use the MX518, I also had the originial that had weights in it, i think i would go to a smaller mouse again though, Zowie for me was decent
  9. Hi Buddy, Added you to discord, nice to meet you, we shall have a chat and take it from there. Regards, Aidan
  10. Hi Phyu, Nice to meet you, I tried adding you on discord but it says you would have to add me, l3lades#9538 is my discord username. Couple of things bud, how old are you and just where abouts are you in the world :). Thanks, l3lades
  11. Also i am unable to add you on discord.
  12. Hi Sholto, nice to meet you, who is your friend that introduced you to the community ? Regards, Aidan
  13. Hi Kurge, Nice to meet you bud, added you to discord we can have a chat. Aidan
  14. Hi Kam1ka3, Nice to meet you, I have added you on discord so we can have a chat. Thanks, Aidan
  15. Hi Ivan, Nice to meet you, I have added you to discord, can have a chat and get you set up. Aidan

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