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  1. FLO

    Stat tracker

    So from what I am seeing with the website is that it uses data sources to pick up the information, souds like they got some intelligent coding behind to pick up certain information which is transferrable between MM and faceit. Just realised for the Pro version you can upload demos to be analysed if that is any good that is some really smart stuff they got going on.
  2. FLO

    Stat tracker

    I have seen a few people that use this within CS:40 but thought i would make it known to everyone. leetify.com - in beta atm but is quite good for like keeping an eye on how you are doing. There is a free version and paid, free version is pretty much recording your last 15 games, whether it is MM or Faceit. Breaks things down really well, taking into account your aim and utility usage. Shows your general spray pattern in comparing to what it should be. The best thing i would say about it is the stuff it advises to work on, it has video links to help improve.
  3. Gambit, This is the one i was on about where the smokes work both 64 and 128 tick
  4. gone through one of his learning tutorials on udemy, i am a big fan of n0thing
  5. Karrigan, so he can tell me where my best position will be
  6. Thats not bad bud, considering you will need to get use to the actual training, I am currently Ruby 3, i think , when i see pro's do gridshot and im like 30k off their score.
  7. Jett is the only one with that sort of concept that she dashes forward and upwards so you can do peeks and then dash away but other than that no other speed boosts
  8. FLO

    Are you warm yet ?

    Yeah, i have never been good at bunny hopping but there are elements where you can use it to just generate a bit of an advantage, especially for timining to get the first peak
  9. FLO

    Are you warm yet ?

    So when I was playing more serious. Warmup Aim_botz: 3 x 50 kills, both pistol and both Rifles - wrist and movement was the primary focus Deathmatch: 1 round through so i think thats like 15 mins - get my brain going to get to speed KZ/surf MAP: 10 mins - general movement warm up Nowadays: Just jump into retakes and if i feel off i go on aimbotz or aimlabs
  10. It was my home town Harrogate Town, since they were non league 2 years ago, now are in league 2 so I can get some good loanees now. When Leeds were on the decline I would also go to them haha.
  11. Aim Labs is great, I generally used it more when I was hammering Valorant so will need to adjust sensitivity back to CS.
  12. Just adding as another tip to this, especially in a clutch situation, the enemy can hear you reload so you are pretty much telling them where you are.
  13. Trying to entry with either MAC 10 or MP9 to catch players off getting into their faces .
  14. I have played it, played since beta. Good fun and the abilities are interesting just try not get caught out mid ability when somone jumps out in front of you. Think the game needs more time to develop.
  15. Yeah i Completely agree on the verticle aspect of those maps making it a lot more fun, not played Vertigo enough in a competitive environment to have a decent opinion. The only thing i found was the footsteps on Vertigo do me in everytime lol, Nuke not so bad anymore

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