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  1. Where can I find them? Cause I want to learn to play this map with mates and not with randoms! So feel free to add me to play together
  2. Hello Anson, welcome to CS40! Have a great time.
  3. Hello Curt, welcome to CS40! Have a great time
  4. Hello David, welcome to CS40! Have a great time
  5. Hello Luke, welcome to CS40! Have a great time
  6. Hey Bro, welcome to CS40! Have a great time
  7. Maico

    Song of the day

    " in time of Covid - this is goodbye"
  8. Hey Ash! I did all your advices and now I'm on Thank you again for your very kindly help!!!
  9. Thank you Moira! After I did your advice Staff Member Doodlebob was so kind to send me a friend request on Discord
  10. Thank you Ash! That's very kind of you!
  11. ... I'm a 58 years old gay guy who a married with a real nice one (don't be angry I'm still in love like the first days!) I don't have to work anymore (no I'm not a rich gay but it's enough). I found this community on steam and I thought for me it could be the right one for me cause I want to meet truly friendly people to play without stress during a game! I've start to play CSGO during the long and hard Covid quarantine and I played to much with toxic randoms ..... no comments. My main ACC is GN1 but after 10 wins I was ranked to GN3. Now I'm looking forward to play with you. BTW,
  12. OK, again My first name is Maico (origin is Michael or Maicon). How I wrote since the sad days of Corona in Europe and the lockdown in Italy I mainly play on Steam Games! In Italy it wasn't allowed to go outside during the qurantine so I was the whole day at home, you know "stay safe at home". A lot of my friends and people in my neighborhood became seriously ill of Covid. I tried to help with conversations on phone and even with computer (Skype, Twitter, Facebook). I'm studied at the University Pharmacy and worked mainly in Switzerland and Belgium.

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