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    Been playing CS after a 5 year break, done a ton of aim practice and strat improvement, but stuck in solo Q elo hell. Looking to join friendly players!

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  1. Ooh yeah, try Bolto#6969
  2. I goofed up and accidentally left the server, and I don't have any admins as friends Could I grab another invite pls xxx
  3. Hi, can I get an inv to the discord pretty please?
  4. Hey there, I'm Erin, 22, F (she/her) and I live in Bristol. Started playing CS about 6 years ago, took a 5 year break because the community sucked and I sucked at the game. Looking to start climbing the rank ladder again after practicing loads but being stuck in ELO hell. I work for a large software company doing solution consulting (ask me what that is if you want) and look after 2 beautiful snakes. Nice to meet you all!

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