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  1. Welcome Jani! Täällä on ihmisen hyvä olla! Rohkeesti vaan peleille, tässä yhteisössä on todella mukavaa ja kannustavaa porukkaa!
  2. Hi everyone! My name is Viljami, 32yo and from Finland I played CS 1.5 and 1.6 about two years total. Last year I was watching lot of PRO CS from TV and I decided to buy PC and start to play again. I have now played 1k hours and I still suck But I enjoy playing with friendly teammates. If I play comp, I play with my colleagues or couple of my IRL friends but I would love to play more often. I dont soloQ because we are neighbours of Russia and almost every comp game(casual server too ofc) is full of toxic russians(I have nothing against Russia, but my mental health can't handle toxic

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