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    Love is in the air at CS:40! This Valentines raffle is one for all the special buddies out there, as the winner doesn't actually get the prize! Whoever has their name drawn has to nominate their Valentine here in CS:40 and award them the prize! There are a few choices for the lucky winner to make, will they chose the right gift for the special wingman in their life? Entry is restricted to the top 50 members in our Discord leaderboard as of the raffle ending!
  2. Lee W

    GOTV for 5v5

    We can do this, but I'm afraid it will come at a cost. The cost is several nudes from all members.
  3. Hi Nick! Welcome to your new home for CSGO! And maybe some other nonsense along the way.... I married a non-gamer girl. She used to feign interest but I knew it was all a sham! The upside is I think our two kids will be into it, now I just have to get them addicted to Star Wars like their dad! I'll add you on Discord and we'll go from there my man.
  4. Hello Flo! Great to see you've found us finally! I also have two kids and time is always at a premium for me too. I'll add you on Discord to take the next steps, OK mate?
  5. Hello Jason, which folks have you been playing with if you don't mind me asking? And what is a geotechnical engineer? Like bridge foundations, reinforced riverbeds etc?
  6. Hi there, and welcome to our small island on the internet! Your place is right over there --->
  7. Maico you legend! Can't wait to see you in the group discord! Come and tell us some tales DIA DIA DIA!
  8. Great to see you here Jon, welcome to the group! Any questions at all feel free to ask, and I look forward to meeting you!
  9. Man I used to love the Milan sides of the late 90's and early 00's, Gattuso and Leonardo were my faves.
  10. I want to ask 1,000,000,000 questions about your job.
  11. Great to see you here Joe! Be sure to stick around!
  12. That's Jenson's helmet, I have that on my desk!!

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