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  1. wow what a small world , i too studies at the university of hertfordshire
  2. that's some insane DPI u have there bruh
  3. man i hope we get some nuggets soon..
  4. I was just wondering if there is any dust 2 spammers around in the group.
  5. Softbone


    i have a skin changer xD
  6. Softbone


    my small collection .
  7. Hey there , how can I get into discord ?
  8. Good day peeps , im Jason from Klang , Malaysia. 26 years of age. I'll be arriving at the UK to further my studies soon so was looking around reddit and stumble upon cs-40 as i was looking for people to play some csgo together upon arriving as i usually game at night once im done with the course work for the day. Furthermore, CSGO have been a huge part in my life upon starting 2 years back i enjoy running around gunning down everyone i see, besides csgo i used to play dota 2 back in the days but i now stick to mostly CS:GO. Hoping to get in touch with you lot soon to enjoy a game or two

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