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    I've played CS:Go for a long time. I've been mostly solo-queing (with the odd exception). I stumbled upon this community, I read about your positive/healthy attitude toward the game, which seemed perfect for someone like me.

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  1. Oh, so we share the pain of falling from grace. One day we will be back at top of European Football, where we belong! I've added you on Discord, thanks for the invite!
  2. Thanks, yes, I'd be really happy to join you on Discord I'm a big A.C. Milan supporter. Are there other football fans around? Also, will need to update my intro, as of tonight I'm back to Silver
  3. Hi, I've just posted my introduction, and I'd like to join the Discord server if that's OK. Thanks!
  4. Hello! I'm Francesco, a 40 (plus a couple more ) years old Italian guy who lives in the north of England. I stumbled upon this community by chance, as I was looking for people to play with. I've been playing CS for a very long time (from 1.5 I think), spent my best days at Uni playing Source with friends, and then moved to CS:GO, with some fairly long breaks between. I thought my days in Dust 2 were long gone, and then, in the early day of the pandemic, I though that, well, I could try one game, just one, it's been a long time, I'm not getting into it again.... and here I am. I'm a Gold Nova

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