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  1. Culture win with America (Bull Moose Teddy) on turn 266. Luxury resource monopolies give an OP tourism boost.
  2. Mongolia cavalary domination Overall progress so far:
  3. Domination victory with an early war to conquer my starting continent. Crusades belief + conquistators to use my religion to make my armies stronger.
  4. This was a tricky game---I spawned between Rome and Korea so I spent most of the game convincing them not to murderise me :]
  5. My favourite prime number is 313
  6. Wow that's intresting. What sort of acting do you do? My brother works in contemporary theatre (which is very different from "normal" theatre or film acting). I studied physics to [hd level and work in research IT now.
  7. Another attempt at a science victory with Brazil. This time much more successful. Early war with Teddy Roosevelt (America) gave me control over most of my starting continent. I got a science/gold-based religion established and built loads of campuses. Got some crazy high yields and all the great people using Brazil's bonuses.
  8. rekt. Defeat as Brazil (Pedro II). I was about 10 turns from a science victory Trajan (Rome) was bullying me this whole game >.<

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