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  1. I will choose Hank. He needs some more skins in his life
  2. Jestii

    CS:GO Pubquiz

    I'm in!
  3. Hey Svante! It was fun playing with you last time, hope to see you again soon!
  4. I used to commute on my motorcycle and it has it's up and downsides. But what I liked the most about it is that I could just directly unwind when I was leaving work. It was awesome. Less awesome when there was some shitty weather though....
  5. Requesting an invite to the discord server!
  6. Hey thanks! I posted my ride in the thread you linked Great to see that there's also some biker bros here!
  7. Hello there, I'm Joris, a 23 (almost 24) year old guy from the Netherlands. I'm a software engineer by trade and have graduated this past summer. With the current times I'm working from home and playing a lot more CS. I used to play CS1.6 back in the day on my own locally hosted DM server and since quarantine I have returned to CS:GO. I found you guys on Reddit (via /r/RecruitCS) and you look like an awesome group to play with. Next to my job as a software engineer, I enjoy riding my motorcycle (although the weather is getting worse) and just hanging out. Feel free to ask me an

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