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  1. Hi James! Welcome here! Just sent you a friend request on discord. Talk to you soon!
  2. Hello David. Welcome to CS40 Come join our #playlist I'm sure you'll find/share some bangers in there with us very soon. Check your discord! Cheers
  3. Hello Curtis, welcome aboard
  4. Hello Iremnaz and welcome Indeed the world is seeing some stuff these days, what an era. Rest assured we're filled with nice people and we can't wait to find more like-minded friends to pew pew with! CS40 is a big yes for that! We will be in touch very soon. Cheers!
  5. Hey Jonathan! Welcome around here. The R6S community is indeed growing here thanks to Redneck's efforts (and newly-found disgust for CSGO probably). Thank you for wanting to join! Could you tell us a bit more about you? What do you do in life? Is grass green? We'll be in touch soon! Cheers.
  6. Hello Jan, nice to see you here! You found the right place. Welcome!
  7. That sounds like quite an occupation, of which i have absolutely no knowledge about! Kudos! I'll be in touch with you on discord.
  8. Hello, fellow gamer, nice to see you here! indeed a little more information about you is very welcome! We do care about the people behind the online persona, it would help us a great deal if you would share some more about you. My name's Ben, I'm 24 and I work in finance. I have around 2K hours into CSGO but I still suck like day 1 . If you're uninspired about what to tell us you could take a look at other people's intro posts! Cheers.
  9. Salut frontalier! Welcome here hope you'll get the fun you're looking for!
  10. here's the list, if you want to check them out. it's mainly about demographics. your kind and anonymous participation is requested, this should take no longer than a day 10 minutes. have fun and please give your feedback and your score in the comments!! More to come with the results.

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