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  1. We decent human beings may welcome you into some sort of heaven. Check your Discord requests I'll be in there:)
  2. Books are fine we'd rather know about you than not! I've added you on Discord to get you in. See you there!
  3. Hello Sander, welcome here and thanks for joining us! I think you're in the right place I'll have a chat with you on discord ASAP. I'm Supremo#2821 Cheers mate
  4. Hey Tom, welcome here! I hope you'll find some mates to play CS with in CS40 then! See you soon!
  5. Hello Andrej and welcome to CS40! I see you haven't added your Discord information to your post or profile. Since we're settled there, mostly, it's there I need to get in touch with you! You can add me as Supremo#2821 or add your info here. I'll be checking! Talk soon
  6. Hey Dani ! Welcome here! Nice to read you've met Gambit he is indeed quite the character. Would you mind telling us a bit more about you? What other games do you play? What do you do for a living? Is grass green, etc. I'll contact you over Discord, I'm Supremo#2821. Talk to you soon! Cheers.
  7. Hi Mark, welcome here I tried to add you on discord so we can get you in, but your nickname doesn't match. Add me: Supremo#2821. Talk soon! Cheers
  8. Adding you back But your discord info doesn't match to me tho maybe if you add me directly?
  9. I'd actually need your discord info for that to happen hehe you can add me directly: Supremo#2821. I don't knownif you're familiar with discord, that's where we're settled! Let me know in any case.
  10. Hey Tom! Glad you found us! I'll be in touch with you over Discord. Curious about your job tho? What is it you do? Cheers
  11. Hello Jessica welcome to CS40 and happy Easter! I've added you on Discord so you'll find me in your dms soon! Cheers
  12. Hey Alex! Sorry to keep you waiting. Glad you found us! I'll be in touch with you over Discord, can you give me your full tag? Mine is Supremo#2821 (I need your full discord ID to add you, or add me yourself it could be faster) Cheers!
  13. Hey there DevilsGreen and welcome! Nice to have you here. Would you mind giving us a bit more info about you? like what do you do in life? Can we call you by your name? And my fave question to ask: is grass green? Cheers mate
  14. Hello zaGor, welcome to CS40 What a nice gaming history and spirit you have; I'm sure you can share some of your wisdom with us! Where are you joining us from? Can we call you by your name? Looking forward to hearing from you! Cheers

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