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    Love playing CSGO but hate getting paired with toxic/immature players. I would like to improve my skills and play with a more mature player base

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  1. FunK

    Song of the day

    An early Christmas song to start feeling festive
  2. Oh dang, who let this guy in .. Welcome to the group, will catch you in game later
  3. After researching online (reddit and youtube) whether the mouse might be too small I ended up risking it and getting the g pro. Hoping that if it really does not suit my hands I can return through amazon and maybe try g703. Was also looking at Logitech powerplay but have decided to hold off that for now
  4. Hmm been looking at some of these as options and now I am not sure what to go for between the G502 wireless, G703 and G pro wireless. I see mixed review for people with large hands on the G pro which is only point putting me off it at the moment
  5. I have the ASUS Scar III with RTX2070 and 17.3 240 Hz screen for my setup
  6. Oh that really sucks! I wish they had a better system where they really warn you if you selling something way below market value. When I looked at the guy who bought my skin turns out he had several people leave comments who had done same thing so think he had a bot setup or something?
  7. I have accumulated so many crates over the years and finally decided to sell them. I got a fair chunk of money through this and also sold some of my more valuable drops, ended up selling my MW golden coil M4A1S so could update this skin. Ended up with factory new control panel. Long story short I accidentally sold this for 1.20 among some remaining crates and just gave someone an amazing deal, feel such an idiot too. Anyone else done anything this stupid or is it just me? I had a google and looks like some people have lost hundreds of dollars worth so at least its not as bad as that. Ha
  8. What gaming mouse do you all use? Im currently using a wired G502 but looking at upgrading soon to wireless version to go with laptop setup
  9. FunK

    Song of the day

    I like it! Sounds like got some nu-metal vibes to me
  10. FunK

    Song of the day

    Some Old school funk
  11. Thanks Moira, doing good thanks. Had few games yesterday and already loving it here Will have to next time im in a music store. This is my current bass which is getting me by for now, I think I need to get better before I get better gear though
  12. FunK

    Song of the day

    Pretty rough sounding but love this tune
  13. FunK

    Song of the day

    From my favourite band of all time (with best guitarist they ever had). Actual song starts at 1:15
  14. We are definitely a rare breed! Wow that sounds kind of fancy, never tried a fretless myself but I do like the tones I heard from them on videos

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