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  1. sprAe

    GOTV for 5v5

    GOTV in 5v5 would be a great addition!
  2. Yeah, Jacob's and Joey's are solid! Can't the music lover's time machine just bring our favourites to the now? Can't the hot goth lady in charge be persuaded by our face reveal section?
  3. Jeff Buckley, May 13, 1995 Cabaret Metro, Chicago, Illinois
  4. I was just kidding. I kinda like it, especially at the top of the screen. About the round: the guy was only visible right at the moment when you changed your attention to the A site. Would have been hard to spot. I sure didnt see it even while watching the video.
  5. Great round man! The only mistake I see is that font.
  6. What's so confusing about letting your new best friends know you name? Welcome
  7. Hema boxers until they fall apart When I saw the title I wasnt sure whether it would be about athletes or dogs. Im not dissapointed.
  8. Filthy one taps that I'm shocked I just landed. (rare)

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