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    Im sitting somewhere in silver and jm bored of a non-english team, hope to find some gamingfriends to have a laugh with

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  1. Alright, so heres a bit more info, i enjoy electronics and building all sorts of random stuff, especially with arduinos, so if anyone ever needs help with one of those, hit me up! i also like to play a bit of tarkov here and there, and im down try out some other games, so if someone has some suggestions let me know im also very bad at csgo, but willing to learn! hope to see yall in a game soon
  2. Hey my dudes! im a 21 year old electrician from the netherlands, i used to play a few games here and there a while back, but had to sell my pc for a vehicle to drive to work, now i recently bought a pc again, i would like to join back the community!
  3. Tag is PF-SKYNET#3807 Thanks! Ill see you guys around!
  4. Soleth

    Are you warm yet ?

    Since i just main mirage, i play yprac mirage for around 45, doing some smokes and peeking practice, then hop into a comp, depending on how that goes ill train some more or hop into another compgame

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