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    I enjoy playing CSGO but don't have a regular team to play with. I don't like to lose but I'm happy with my rank.

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  1. What have you dropped to? I play 9s on my Strat tuned to Eb. And 9s on my E-tuned Tele.
  2. I'd heard something like that--absolutely wild. I play nines and have a few wee calluses. Cheers Lee. It seemed everyone I knew watched MASK when I was wee but I haven't found anyone else that remembers it
  3. Yeh, Edinburgh is great all year but especially duing August. A lot of the locals are less keen but there are very few places in the world you can see so many amazing acts at once. Music wise I listen to pretty much everything but I recently discovered Stevie Ray Vaughan. Recently I've been listening to a lot of Weezer and REM.
  4. Hello, I'm sneeu, real name, John. I live just outside Edinburgh in Scotland. The weather is currently terrible. I am: 38 a dad to two, 8 & 4 a software engineer by day where I work on a trading-cards website guitar player & mediocre CSGO (S4) player in the evenings A truth and a lie (guess which is which below): My cousin plays football for Aberdeen FC. I was once a hand model. Cheers!

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