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    I enjoy playing CSGO but don't have a regular team to play with. I don't like to lose but I'm happy with my rank.

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  1. 363 a long way to go yet @ Johnny_Legless
  2. 357. 3, 5, and 7 are the first three odd-primes. 0 and 1 are not prime; and 2 is the only even prime.
  3. 352 is 350 more than I can bench. @ Ithaca no idea what they sound like but they're Shur SSVs.
  4. 348 auto completed in my address bar to show me this beaut.
  5. I recently got the perfect sticker to complete "hey ladies".
  6. 324 is 90 in base 36. @ Reddiiiee maybe on Friday?

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