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  1. I used to play 2000 dpi @ 1.6 sens, and it was very high according to @all That's even crazier
  2. 3 2 2 How can i use a 322? @ sneeucan i borrow one? I'll bring it back almost intact
  3. Welcome aboard Mr Snapz! I'm sure you'll enjoy
  4. Hey there! I had sooo much fun with Arduino. A really nice hobby, shame i don't have time to keep up with everything i like. Welcome aboard!
  5. 319 is barely used. Here's my yearly contribution.
  6. Well, it has to suit yourself of course, but most players tend to suggest a low sensitivity. It's unlikely you'll have to spin 180 too often! Entry fraggers have it a bit higher to sweep areas but my advice is don't bother too much : try some setting out and give yourself time to adapt before changing it. There are also some workshop maps to try and test your aim, like this one
  7. Hello Kahil, nice to meet you and welcome here
  8. Thanks for the warm welcome Adam! Glad to be here
  9. Welcome aboard James, nice to meet you
  10. 301 I will think about an interesting fact on 301
  11. Reddiiiee

    CS40 Wallpapers

    Big big talent right there. Awesome...
  12. Post on the discord bud! I'm sure you'll find someone
  13. Welcome welcome Any other hobbies other than gaming?

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