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    Well I've been playing with you guys for a while now and I'm having fun. Didn't know you guys had a website so might as well join that :)

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  1. 316 wanted to see my sparkly name
  2. Welcome! sure you'll find a fitting place within cs:40
  3. Welcome! You should join us sometime
  4. most of the times the thermal paste should be renewed every 2 years. However doing that to a GPU is different than for a CPU. A quick google search came up with this for the GPU. renewing thermal paste on a CPU is a lot more straight forward
  5. clutching? I guess I'm pretty good at 1vX situations
  6. I'd defo say there's a bunch of people that want to do competitions. including myself. Lovely profile pic btw wise old man
  7. Good to see you back bud. Hope things are a bit better again
  8. I play on full hd (1920x1080) with csgo sens 2.2 and DPI about 400 I think, can't check it my mouse has 3 different DPI's

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