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    I'm always looking for new people to play with, and a large group of people who are ready to play every day is very appealling to me.

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  1. Hey Ben. Neil told me to expect you, good to see you You've got a Discord invite from Slothy#4606 coming your way
  2. Hey mate. Happy to see you here! You've got an incoming Discord friend request from Slothy#4606
  3. Welcome! Happy to have you here! We have a few guys who are new to Siege as well, so you should fit right in. There are games most nights, so finding one should be very doable
  4. Hey Tim! Really nice intro post, thanks for taking the time! I'm happy to hear Aidan still likes us, even though he's been here a while and gotten to know us I've added you on Discord, please hit me up whenever and I'll get back to you most ricky-tick
  5. I'm using a Logitech G815 keyboard and a G Pro Wireless mouse. I am extremely happy with both. The battery life on the G Pro is incredible, I can use it while it charges and it is just rock-solid. I've used it for some months now, it's my first wireless mouse, and I'm really happy I switched to it - from a Zowie FK1. I have zero patience for gear that doesn't work, and it would only have had to get me killed a couple of times before I got rid of it, but it has yet to happen. The keyboard is also spot on. It's the Tactile version, so they're brown switches, which for my use, with a mix of
  6. Very happy with my new M4. One of the best skins for it IMO - and pretty affordable too.
  7. 1. Alongside preferably 2. Yes. 3. Yes, especially on the leaderboard front. 4. HS only FFA, alternating between rifles and pistol only if possible, on maps designed for DM or active duty maps only. It's crucial T's can pick USP and CT's AK no matter what though.
  8. As I mentioned in the server, I definitely don't think the AWP should be all that's dropping when you select that you want to receive the AWP. I like the idea of the map starting out with pistol rounds, perhaps if there's an option for a "half time" that would be interesting and then another pistol. I don't like the force-buy rounds though. They hardly bring anything to the table IMO, as opposed to just playing AK/M4 rounds.
  9. Velkommen til! The Danes are slowly taking over!
  10. This one is high on the list for me, in part because it's just a hilarious scene, but also because the actress playing Rosa, Stephanie Beatriz, the one in the background with the leather jacket and black hair, managed to do exactly no acting in that scene and is just cracking up the entire time.
  11. Slothy

    Your Settings

    DPI: 400 Ingame Sensitivity: 2.00 Raw Input: 1 Mouse HZ: 1000hz Resolution: 1280x960 Ratio 4:3 Black Bars: No Hz: 240hz
  12. I've been using Yprac myself, but that's of course specifically for CSGO. They're in a collection in the Steam workshop. There's an aim guide specifically, but also smokes, prefire training and more for each map. Might also be worth using for the Faceit stuff if needed.
  13. I could do with doing this as well, never really done it much. Although, the demo viewer is such hot garbage it's kinda putting me off... I really hope they update it soon!
  14. I can't decide between Dupreeh and Xyp9x... Probably Dupreeh for the mix of entry fragging and AWPing, but damn it would be interesting to get to pick Xyp's brain for a week as well
  15. I assumed this was a given, but in case it's not, yes, definitely

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