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    Looking for a non toxic group to play match making or face it. Not really looking to rank up or become a pro, just trying to escape losing streaks because of griefing and lack of communication.

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  1. Thanks, I did a bit of lurking here like a month ago and decided to finally take the plunge today
  2. I don't know what level you guys are on but I'm up for a challenge
  3. Depends on the round really, but yeah one taps because they're the safest option and I suck at spraying. Nades and molotovs too if someone's defusing. But signature move has to be winning a fight and then being traded when I try to escape.
  4. Way late to this post but I've been playing tekken since I was 7. Used to play on PSP cause I couldn't afford a PS so when I got a PC I stopped playing until up to a few months ago when I picked up tekken 7. Played a lot of Jin and Lee back then but I picked up Asuka in 7 and I've been rolling that way for a while. Don't know if you're still interested or if my internet can support it but I'm always up for tekken.
  5. Found a few posts about this place on reddit, sounded interesting. Pretty sure I've encountered a few people from this community in counter strike, a couple years ago. Life got real weird and most of my friends are busy with work, studies or otherwise indisposed, so I thought I'd search for people to play some CS with. Most people searching for players have requirements I can't fulfill, either because of work or because I don't have enough experience in game. Not looking for anything hardcore, I just want to have fun in those few hours I play after work, be it faceit, mm, or ano

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