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  1. That was kind of my point about it being suicidal!
  2. Overpass, Nuke and Train are my favourites too, along with Vertigo recently. The vertical aspect makes for some dynamic rotates and overall I find them just more interesting than the flatter maps.
  3. paNic


    Rush B is a desperate strat when you don't have enough money to buy and you want to get the round over as quickly as possible by just running out and hoping for the best, right? Wrong! There is an art to rushing B, certainly at mid-levels of match making. What is the purpose of a classic Rush B? Yes, you are low on funds so the main objective is to get the bomb plant. First things first: If you are the guy with the best B spawn, then sorry - you are going to die. Accept this fact. Make peace with it. Remember you are part of a greater whole. Your K/D does not matter. Usually in CS
  4. Thanks Tobi. Manjaro and Gnome. I'll have to look into it when I'm more awake but I think I considered that before and since one screen is g-sync and the other isn't, I read somewhere it wouldn't work. It could be I'm thinking of one of the other solutions though, it's been a while.
  5. paNic

    Smoke practice

    If you're on Android there's a good app called Smoke Center, I've made a few contributions to it. There are some other workshop maps like yprac but honestly I found YouTube a better source. VooCSGO made a good video recently about all the essential smokes you need: https://youtu.be/RK9niB_MzBw
  6. paNic


    I tried that from a nadeking video last week and couldn't find the line up, doing it this way where you line up inside is much clearer!
  7. Thanks for the thermal pads tip Sasha, that hadn't occurred to me. I'm gonna wait for the 30 range to become widely available before I take apart my GPU, that way if something goes wrong I can get a previous gen one relatively cheaply. In the meantime I've bought a couple more case fans to keep things a bit cooler
  8. Welcome to the home of full and friendly lobbies!
  9. POD bots! Linux! Spiders! I share your attitude to the game and I think we're going to get along
  10. Another tip not directed at anyone in particular, just something I see a lot. You don't need a lot of bullets in CS. If you know this is a habit you have, consciously try to stop yourself compulsively hitting R every time you've fired off a couple of rounds. Maybe bind it to a hard to reach key until you break the habit. And if you're defending a planted or dropped bomb in a 1v1 or 1v2 with 10 bullets left, that's more than enough! Reloading in this situation is almost certain to be suicide!
  11. The only way I can get g-sync / smooth frames on Linux is to turn off my second monitor so this tip is redundant for me
  12. Mmm, really not sure about that liquid - BUT the trick to not getting it is to keep the can upright and not shake it at all before or while using, then no liquid gets mixed with the air. The cans are so expensive though and don't work well once they're half empty - I stopped buying them and invested in one of these instead: https://www.itdusters.com/product/compucleaner-xpert/
  13. Anyone ever done it? Mine is coming up to 5 years old and PCMR seems to think this needs doing but it's not something I've done before. Worth it or not?
  14. It gave me an error message when I launched CS - it doesn't have the same format as the other CSGO launch options, where do you put this?

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