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  1. Hey @Soleth! Welcome back. Your Discord ID is invalid, so I can't add you. Are you sure it's like that?
  2. Wow. I never really played these modes. Maybe I should try it out, seeing as I have a lot of time on my hands recently.
  3. Most of our activity is definitely on Discord, @Maico. Look me up there if you want some tips to get started. #Dalsager2249.
  4. Hey man, and welcome! We try to settle in as a community who knows a little more about our members, so if you don't mind me asking, what's your first name (or what may we call you that is not your gamer-tag)? And what do you do besides gaming? What's your degree in, for example?
  5. Hello Kaloyan! Here at CS40 we like getting to know our members. It's a community, not just a CS gaming group. That's why we have posted these basic guidelines for intro posts: Please have a look What do you do besides gaming? // Jacob, resident staff knowitall.
  6. Hello there! Is mountain running what it literally sounds like? You running up mountains? Tough stuff! Welcome to the group! I'll add you to Discord and get you set up.
  7. Welcome, mate! We can always use more R6:S'ers. What do you do besides gaming?
  8. Good catch. As a late followup to this, our EULA, ToS and Privacy Policy is up for review and will be redone in the coming months. You and @ me if you have questions or comments
  9. Hello, friend! Sorry we haven't answered you earlier - we are short-staffed at the moment. Welcome! You'll also find other games here, but mostly Among Us, F1 and RB Siege at the moment. It can expand if there is initiative What's your name besides "Co op guy"? Feels awfully impersonal / Jacob
  10. Hi there Florian! Nice to meet you. What are you studying? And what do you do besides gaming? We've got health/fitness people, motorsports followers and all kinds of stuff to talk about here besides gaming, so feel free to let your hair down and share interests! I'll get you added to Discord and bring you in.
  11. Hey man! We see all kinds of names here, so I just want to ask to be sure. Is Haydo your nick or your actual name? If either, what's the other? What do you do besides gaming, bud?
  12. Hi David! No worries about not always being here. We've all got stuff going on and can't be ready for matchmaking ten times a day. That's the whole point. Or some of it, at least What do you do besides gaming?
  13. Hey Philipp (two p's?)! Welcome to the crew. What's your degree in? Fun is definitely a thing we do. If you feel like some competitive stuff, there are a few teams within our group that specifically get together to practice, get better and play competitively. Your choice I'll send you a Discord invite and get this going.

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