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  1. Hello, So you've been introduced to our new RP system here, but you're probably wondering... is it worth my time? what do I gain from it? Well I have created this topic to hopefully answer some of those questions. How to earn RP at a steady pace Earning RP is easy. All you have to do is the same thing you've been doing since you joined us, interact with each others content! Eventually you will save up enough RP to buy something decent for example a Bronze sub, depending on how much you engage around the site. You could also deposit your current RP stack into the bank to
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  2. Hello there, i'm RiZe, a CSGO player and a graphic designer! I used to draw before and it was my hobby, then took that passion into the computer and started graphic designing.. I've been making different banners, logos and profile pictures (ex are some pics below) .. If you're interested in having a cool custom logo comment below.. Thank you so much guys! and special thanks to Moira
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  3. Moira

    Wild Hunting

    The only thing I am hunting are cheap second-hand books!
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  4. I started Gay Forum community 11 years ago. It was really active with 400+ members daily active. We had it for almost 6 years. The site was taken down coz of porn/gay themed movies piracy ? We tried to start again everything but it was not the same. Only thing i really love is that i meet awesome girls and guys and we are still talking and drinking coffee til this day.
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