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Hi my name is Andrej, I'm 21 and live in Serbia.

I mostly play CS:GO where I'm currently Supreme looking to push a bit more to get Global after that maybe grind faceit levels. Used to play league of legends and got to plat 3 and decided that its not worth my time anymore so I quit recently, and my favorite games of all next with CS are mount and blade : warband and RDR2. Apart from that in the real world I train basketball, swimming and work out. Don't have any real job currently but I'm studying Russian and try to improve my English whenever I can to a higher level. This whole thing got recommended to me by @ GAMBIT and I hope to meet some nice people here similar to him.

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Hello Andrej and welcome to CS40! I see you haven't added your Discord information to your post or profile. Since we're settled there, mostly, it's there I need to get in touch with you! You can add me as Supremo#2821 or add your info here. I'll be checking!

Talk soon 🥳

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