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Hi all,

I'm Jude, a 21 year old male from Bristol, UK.

I'm currently working full time as an operator and mechanic for a cider company. When not in work I try and fill my free time with rock climbing and computer games.

After a 4 year hiatus I've recently returned to CS and and have quickly grown tired of the toxicity of solo queue, so would be very keen to play some premades with people who aren't screaming children.

Hopefully this community is what I'm looking for and I'll be able to play with some of you soon.

Many thanks,


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Hey Jude,

Welcome to CS40, I think you'll fit right in! We've got you covered for the end of your solo queue voyage *and* the end of toxic play environment.

Glad you found us! I'll add you on discord.

Talk soon! Cheers. 😁

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Great, just realised that my discord user name doesn't have a capital J; It's "jude#7374". Not sure if that changes anything.


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