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My name is Tijn, I am a 21 year old male from the Netherlands. I came across this site randomly on a reddit post, and it seems like my prayers have been answered. I've been looking for a non toxic cs community for such a long time, and it looks like I've found it. I've always played cs with toxic people because I couldn't find anyone else to play with. So I would love to join you guys and have fun playing cs! 

I also play other games, such as minecraft and rocket league, and I'm looking to expand my steam library and explore some more games too. It's lockdown after all, so time isn't the issue 😛

I would love to meet all of you and have fun playing some games!

EDIT: My discord name is Tijn#3275, for if you wanna add me.

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Hey Tijn! 👋

Glad that you found us! Yet another Dutch man who's about to join us?

Thanks for adding your discord info, I'll get in touch with you shortly!

Cheers 🥳

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