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I have never joined the forum actually...

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On 2/16/2021 at 1:10 AM, Vedran said:

Hi, everyone!

You guys may know me for a while now, but, I've never signed in to CS40 forum (SMH). But, today is the day. I regret not joining earlier. I'm 23, from Croatia, my name is Vedran aka. Jesus (idk either, don't ask) and I'm a guy you don't want on your team at 5v5 but you choose me for my great reactions, not reaction time but screaming at myself for pushing Joey on dust2 long 3 rounds in a row and getting shot. I love photography, videography and pornography but most of all I love a good old #retakes&chill. I jokingly accuse of hacks anyone who lands a nice shot, I believe in good spirit of CS40 players and I'm here to bring up your mood if you feel down. I see myself as a stupid kid walking a line of growing into a man, for that reason, if you feel like you'd give me a good life advice, tell me about your life or teach me about stuff you feel a young person should know to make the Earth a better place; send me a DM. I feel like this is a longer post than usual but dare and tell me this isn't a good one! 🖤

Well I'm glad you finally did join the forum, enjoy 😄

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