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Reward Points - Unlock merchandise, CSGO skins, steam keys, subscriptions and forum perks

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So you've been introduced to our new RP system here, but you're probably wondering... is it worth my time? what do I gain from it?

Well I have created this topic to hopefully answer some of those questions.

❓ How to earn RP at a steady pace
Earning RP is easy. All you have to do is the same thing you've been doing since you joined us, interact with each others content! Eventually you will save up enough RP to buy something decent for example a Bronze sub, depending on how much you engage around the site.

You could also deposit your current RP stack into the bank to earn interest. The interest rate improves per subscription tier.

💡So for example if you gain enough RP to subscribe to Bronze you can deposit your daily/weekly/monthly subscription bonus into the bank to earn an extra 2% per month. Add that with the RP you're earning in the mean time from engaging and you can upgrade your subscription to Silver to earn even more and so on.

👉 Let's say you want to buy some merchandise but you think its just a little bit out of reach, well you can use your RP to make up the rest of the balance.


This is the same for all products across the website.

🚀 How to earn RP as quickly as possible
The fastest way to earn RP is through our referral system. You could gain 100RP per new member that joins our community.
All you have to do is ask them to put your website username in the referral box on the registration form and the system will credit you with 100RP automatically. *This will be back checked by staff to ensure the new member has passed our recruitment stage*


New user must press Choose Member(s)... to enter the referral username. The username cannot be entered after registration!

So if you earn 100RP per referral and get 10 referrals that is enough to buy a Bronze subscription... amazing!

🏅 Subscribers earn daily, weekly and monthly RP plus more interest on bank deposits.
Combining these 2 methods is the fastest way of earning RP and making it work for you!

The payout table located here will give you a detailed overview on RP payouts for subscribers.

🎮 Boosting your RP
We also accept trade-ins of unwanted digital goods, this could be a game key, CSGO skin or anything really as long as it is tradeable through the steam platform.
We will offer flat rates of RP for your items. A more detailed table of examples is located here.

  • To begin the trade-in process contact @Lee Wvia PM or on Discord (Lee W#3832) and he will discuss what happens next.

🍀 Rewards and Luck
Last but not least we have the gambling or luck options. In the members shop there is option to buy games that may double your RP. But you may also lose. It is that simple.


If you don't want to take as much risk, you could try and get to the top of our Discord leader board which will payout the top 20 members (not staff/admin) with a random amount of RP per month.

We will also do seasonal event RP giveaways via competitions so keep your eyes on announcements for further details on how you could earn mega RP.

Seasonal calender (subject to change): Valentines Day, Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas Day, New Years Day

⚠️ Fair warning to everyone
If you use an exploit or bug to cheat the RP system and we catch you, we reserve the right to suspend you from the RP system and restrict your access to other services. There is no doubt as to whether we will catch you, it is just a matter of when.

I hope that clears things up for everyone and will help you boost your RP.

At the end of the day we want everyone to have a chance a getting the best out of our community and we feel offering you a way to earn free stuff was one of the best ways we could do it.

Please feel free to reply here with any questions/bugs etc and I will answer them ASAP.

Thanks for reading.

❤️ Mann

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Hello, So you've been introduced to our new RP system here, but you're probably wondering... is it worth my time? what do I gain from it? Well I have created this topic to hopefully answer s

As of the 20th March 2021 we no longer offer merchandise. This may return in future.

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