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Changelog 01/02/2021 - CS40 V2 Electric Boogaloo

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today is an exciting day! A relaunch if you will! We would like to announce firstly some changes to our subscription plans AND the introduction of a new Reward Point system so without further ado allow me to explain.

Effective from 1/2/2021 our new price plans are as follows:
🥉 Bronze 3EUR P/M (was 5EUR)
 🥈Silver 6EUR P/M (was 8EUR)
 🥇Gold 10EUR P/M (was 12EUR)
 🏅Prime 20EUR P/M (was 29.99EUR)

The Silver plan now includes game server queue jump and VIP perks!
All plans now include access to our subscriber lounge, a private place for subs to chat and receive love.
Is that love in the form of giveaways? or is it just Lee's love length. Subscribe to find out!

👉 The Reward Point system
Today we launch our new member RP system.
This allows you to earn cool prizes through our website for effectively little effort.

RP is the new currency of CS40. You earn RP by posting, replying and engaging around the website.
When you earn enough RP you can visit the members shop and buy things such as: subscriptions, merchandise, CSGO skins, game keys, forum perks and much more! Best of all you can split your RP with real money to buy things now!

The easiest way to earn RP is by referring people to join us and asking them to put your username in the referral box when they register, this earns you 100RP per user!

You can see the payout table in the members shop for a more detailed overview.


💸 Referring people to us is a great way to grow our community and earn you some sweet loot so don't hold back, go forth and find people!

We will also give out RP for events and giveaways at certain points in the year so keep your eyes peeled for event info.

🎮 Trade Ins
You can also earn RP on your unwanted inventory. We will accept, skins, games, keys etc as payment for RP. More details are on the link above.

Finally, the boring stuff.
We have once again migrated servers for the website to improve performance and performed some upgrades of which I will not go into detail.

That is all for now folks, if you have any questions regarding rewards I would be happy to answer!

❤️ CS40

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