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Cyberpunk 2077 Mega Thread

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Alright. It's here. The biggest game of the year and it deserves its own space for discussion. So here it is... the MEGA thread.

I will say... spoilers ahead. So if you haven't got the game or are just starting it, now is the time to leave the thread.

So I will start by saying I am very underwhelmed. I am going to leave the majority of bugs out of this short initial review because I am sure you have all read about them by now. Yes I know CDPR will patch things up and straighten most things out but for now this is what I have to say.

I am playing on PC.


I started the game as a Corporate man after going through the character customisation options. I say options there was actually  very little to choose from compared to what was promised by CDPR. I mean where is the penis/boob slider? A few sets of tattoos and scars? A couple of eyebrows and mouth choices and boom there was my amazing creation. My excitement for the game at this point was still pretty high so I continued on in high spirits and I knew there would be more customisation options to me later on.


Run the initial intro, tutorials and usual elements of any RPG and then you are thrown into the vast open world, that is full of colourful NPC's that are full of dialogue such as "FUCK OFF" and "LEAVE ME ALONE". Why do they all yell there interaction dialogue at you!? It's like the devs didn't tweak the sound right at all. Not only that, they do the most random shit like walk into the road when cars are coming and then ghost right through them. Why do they all seem hostile and uninteresting? If you ignore events happening in the world and try to talk to random NPC's they are literally all negative. Hopefully CDPR add some more diversity to the population otherwise this game will always be missing a vital element to the RPG genre - diversity.

I will say that the city itself does look amazing and has some great depth to it. It literally unfolds before you as you walk around and explore all the different avenues and the interiors really do fit the theme of cyberpunk.


So I have progressed far enough to be introduced to Johnny Silverhand and I am really enjoying the main quest, I won't go into to much detail as to avoid spoilers where I can but the game is hitting all the right story telling buttons so far even if the dialogue does drone on a bit at times, which at one point caused me to get bored and look down at my feet. Stay with me here, next time you play the game when you are in free roam mode look down at your feet and walk around a bit. Who walks like that? I don't, I hope you don't.


Anyway back to you the main character V and the customisation and skill tree options. Is it me or are some of these options really really pointless? 1% chance for critical hit shots? On enemies that already take bullets like sponge bob square pants? Give me a break. As far as I can tell you need only buff your hacking/body perks to break through doors and ignore most of the enemies but for an RPG this doesn't offer much scope or diversity for multiple runs in different styles. I don't get that feeling that I want to try a different play style on another play through because there isn't enough there to interest me.


Perhaps I am being to harsh but for a game that has not had its final polish but for it not to deliver on some key elements you would except is really disappointing. I am curious to see if I am alone with these thoughts or if people have the same experience as me.

I have not included the bugs I experienced as I said above because I know these get fixed eventually so I did not weigh them in on this review but should they persist after updates I will update this post.

I am going to press on in the game in the hopes that it gets better with updates as I expect it to but for now I will not hold my breath.

Let me know what you think and feel free to share bugs, screenshots, videos and your reviews.

Thanks for reading!


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I'm gonna play this game in about 5 years or so, provided they fix most major bugs. I planned to buy this game at launch, but was kinda in the middle of something and totally forgot about it. The

I'm gonna play this game in about 5 years or so, provided they fix most major bugs. I planned to buy this game at launch, but was kinda in the middle of something and totally forgot about it.

Then someone mentioned it and I checked the net for reviews. Obviously they were scathing, so I just didn't bother anymore.


It's a shame, because there just aren't many open-world cyberpunk games to begin with. Back in the day, there were two MMORPGs I hoped would ease my cravings - Neocron and The Face of Mankind. Sadly, I didn't have the funds to play the former when it was 'hot' and the latter just turned out to be a boring grind.

I also had some hopes for Shadowrun, but even though I like isometric, the game just didn't do much for me.

Cyberpunk is hard to get right. But if developers already fail to deliver on the basics,...


Ah well, whenever I feel that special itch, I go back and replay Deus Ex or Splinter Cell...

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I haven't played it yet. I am a little scared off by the feedback and unfulfilled hype I've seen post launch. 


I need a quick and dirty review: Fun or not? 

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